The PC Panel Program

The PC Panel Program is an Elite Traffic Exchange Program which maximizes your Profit Clicking earnings and offers variable ways of benefiting through added earnings of $60 per finalized PC Panel.

  • You may purchase a PC Panel for $20 and refer others who do the same. Each referral helps you finalize one of your PC Panels by purchasing their own Advertising Packages allowing you to enjoy a $60 rebate.

    Every 1st and 3rd (the 3rd is a variable parameter subject to change) advertising package belonging to one of your referrals is used to help you finalize one of your own PC Panels.


  • You can use your Advertising Package account to “feed” your PC Panel account since 50% of the free PC Panels you receive from maturing Ad Packages will assist towards finalizing existing PC Panels you own.

    The more Advertising Packages which you have maturing, the more free PC Panels you receive – in turn the more will go to assisting finalization of your existing PC Panels thus speeding the process of increasing your earnings!


  • Do nothing.

    By not referring anyone or by have no maturing Advertising Packages, the process of finalizing your PC Panels will take much longer (a few months up to 1 year). How quickly you earn your $60 rebate depends hugely on what action you decide to take.


  • Speed up receiving $60 rebates on finalized PC Panels by purchasing the Accelerators available to you.

    This is the fast-track method to enjoying $60 rebates. In order to take advantage of this however – it is necessary that you be an active referrer.

    Your PC Panel Program earnings are further enhanced by your participation in the Advertising Package Program.


  • In addition for every 4th Advertising Package you own which has matured you will receive one free PC Panel. Your free PC Panel also provides you with a $60 rebate once it is finalized.

    The free bonus PC Panels are our way of saying thank you for supporting the Profit Clicking Advertising program.