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Hi guys

Sorry, yes I’ve been very quiet for some months now and I apologise for that – life just seems to have taken over and the months have rolled by without my even noticing how fast time flies!!

I felt that it was about time I brought you up to date on some of the things I’ve been doing with regards to testing various different schemes and systems for you.

This time however, I’m going to start this month by EATING MY OWN WORDS for a change…

you will no doubt have read my rave about FM Websites and, at the time of writing, these were absolutely brilliant and brought a few pennies in here and there – although nothing to break the bank but still successful given that the sites are supplied free of charge.

Well, now I have a major gripe and I’m slapping a HUGE NO-NO on these sites.  The business was recently taken over by Dan Sumner and all seemed well to begin with UNTIL ….

This week I went to check on the three FM Websites I had running and, to my horror, all three of them had been HACKED!!

The original company who marketed these sites seemed to have their own security in place to prevent this sort of thing but it appears that the new owners have not added any such security to the files you upload to your hosting server but there is no opportunity within the admin panel to include your own security plugins – at least not on the FREE versions, there may be such choices in the PAID versions but I’m not about to shell out any cash to find out.

The whole mess caused me a huge headache as I was unable to find the hacking script – even my hosting providers who are amazingly helpful at all times, could not pinpoint the script causing the problems.

The RESULT – I took all three sites down and will not be putting them back up again – I HATE HACKERS – they’re no better than thieves and should be jailed if caught.

Anyway, the upshot is that I can no longer honestly promote Free Monthly Websites and have removed my rave review from this site.  I can’t promote anything that is so poorly protected from the nasty scripts of scum-of-the-earth hackers.

Bear in mind though, I have only tested and used the FREE version of these sites.  There is an option to pay for the sites, which apparently gives you more access and more functionality and may well be more secure – but I can’t comment on those since I’m not about to part with my cash just to find out if they’re less vulnerable than the free versions.

If you do decide to use FM Websites, I would suggest you first ask Dan Sumner [] about the security of the files (or lack of it).  If it transpires that there is no in-built security in the files to upload to your server then you need to make sure that you will have the option to add your own security plugins before parting with your cash.


As for security plugins for wordpress sites, I would recommend using the following two plugins, at least – both are FREE and work amazingly well to keep out hackers and bots:

Wordfence and Bulletproof Security.

A word about Bulletproof Security though – because it is extremely secure and rewrites your .htaccess file to keep your site safe, it also means that each time you update, add or remove a plugin you do need to recreate the secure .htaccess file.  This is an easy task and completed through the dashboard of BPS but if you forget to complete this step you may have problems with the functionality of new plugins.  However, you can rest assured that BPS will lock your site down tightly and keep the hackers and bots OUT – so it’s worth the extra few minutes it takes to recreate the access file.

Wordfence, on the other hand, doesn’t write to your .htaccess file and just keeps on working properly from the date you install it regardless of whether or not you add new plugins or remove old ones.  Wordfence acts as a security scanner and regularly checks your site for problems, sending you alerts when problems are discovered.  Sometimes this may just be a note to remind you to update some plugins but, more essentially, Wordfence will alert you when someone or some bot is trying to login to your wp-admin folder without permission or authorisation.  I’ve found this to be invaluable because I can then take the offenders’ IP addresses from the alert notice and go into Wordfence to permanently block such naughty people/bots from ever trying to hack into my sites again.  It gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I later check to see how many hits have been blocked by Wordfence and I hope it teaches the hackers a lesson:

I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYONE WHO TRIES TO HACK INTO MY WORDPRESS SITES – they might try once but they will find themselves permanently blocked from ever accessing ANY of my sites in the future, since I repeat the IP address block across ALL my sites regardless of which site the person/bot was trying to access.

For me, BPS is my medi-guard and Wordfence is my front-line soldier – I thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend using BOTH these plugins for your own peace of mind and total security on your wordpress sites.

OK that’s it for just now folks and thanks again for stopping by, check back later in the month when I will have some news on the latest money-making schemes.

Enjoy your day!!

C Millions



Hey guys – Got something REALLY cool to share with you
today 😉

Just thought I’d give you the heads up on something I stumbled across the
other day. It’s completely free and the methods outlined don’t cost you a cent
to implement either.

I followed the instructions down to a Tee (which was easy might I add). And
I kid you not… I made my first commission using this system… Cool eh.
You can get free access here: How to make money online from home for FREE
Will I get rich off this method? Well that depends how much I scale it
up I guess. If I put a little bit more leg work into it, I reckon I could create
a nice thousand dollar per week income stream that passively drips into my bank
account like clockwork every week.
So if I was you, I’d do yourself a favor and at least check it out.
You’ve got nothing to lose as it’s completely free
and it’s all in nice step
by step video tutorials as well.
UPDATE: I’ve just spoke to James Scholes (the creator of this system) and
he said he’s gonna be putting this on Clickbank for around the $97 mark pretty
Apparently it was a sneaky way to get tons of testimonials to put on his
sales page when he comes to selling it or something. Either way this ain’t gonna
be free for long, so I recommend to jump on board while this baby is free.


This is absolutely true folks!

You can get a FREE autoresponder with everything you’d expect from the paid version and nothing to pay.

Test it out on the Fun form I’ve set up and see for yourself.

It’s completely FREE no upsells, no downsells, no parting with cash, NO JOKE!!!



Have fun!


Click to make money

Here I am again and sorry for the long delay in posting more about my affiliate marketing experiences.

First off:  I have now limited my involvement with affiliate marketing programs due to the amount of regurgitated rubbish flooding my inbox every day.

If, like me, you have been wooed and cajoled by the ‘next BIG thing’ week after week you will be as fed up as I am of the lies and false promises being bandied about on the web these days.

Feeling the pinch of the economic climate and having lost the only source of income I had, I found myself in a very desperate place and in danger of losing my home.

I gave up on all the ‘Get rich quick schemes’, for the time being, simply because I ran out of the usual $49 it costs to get access to most of these schemes.

I have one tip, however for this Christmas.  If you are lucky enough to receive a little money as a gift this year, think about the following scheme which I am currently appraising.

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From this system, I have made $4.70 in the last month.  OK, so it won’t make a dent in the rent arrears but I have made this money without actually paying a single penny into the system.  In addition I am getting daily traffic to my own websites without paying a penny, what could be cooler than that?

You see, when you join this system they GIVE you $10 to start you off and I’m earning money without having put anything into the pot.  Having put this system to work, I am quite certain that, when I have it, I will be investing more money into this system for higher rewards.

All I need to do is spend no more than 5 minutes a day at my pc and that’s a no-brainer anyway since I spend the best part of 11 or 12 hours a day at my pc.  For this, not only am I receiving commissions but I’m also getting traffic to my own websites, earning me sales I might not otherwise have had.

OK so this won’t pay the mortgage for you any time soon but, if you have a little cash to spare, it can turn into a great boost to your current income.  Obviously, if you also have a business this system is a great way to generate traffic to your website and hopefully drive extra sales to your business.

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Here’s how it works (bearing in mind your first $10 is FREE) …

There are 5 ways to make money in Profit Clicking.

a) The Advertising Package Program

b) The PC Panel Program

c) Ad Package Referral Program

d) PC Panel Referral Benefits

e) Profit Clicking Membership Upgrades




Conclusion so far

Personally I have referred this system to three of my friends who are also only at the stage of appraising the system using the FREE $10 but we are all making a few cents every day for about 5 minutes of our time and that can’t be a bad complaint; considering none of us have actually paid anything out of our own pockets… YET.

My New Years’ resolution will be to put aside at least $40 to invest in this system and look forward to reaping higher rewards to help towards paying the, ever increasing, bills.


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We love to spread the happiness and success to all. ENJOY!!

Look out!

This weekend I will be blowing the lid and blowing my top!

I am currently working on the most informative message I can give you and stop you losing money hand-over-fist to unscrupulous internet marketers who promise the ‘Next BIG thing in internet marketing’.

Until then, I would ask you NOT to succumb to their lies and subliminal messages for the time being.  SAVE your hard-earned cash just now and keep it in the bank or in your pocket.

Once you have read my post this weekend, if you still want to part with your cash for these crazy systems that’s your choice but you might think twice about these so-called ‘Easy money-making’ schemes after this weekend.

Until then, take care and keep your pounds and dollars firmly in your wallets!

C. Millions and the review team

Wishing you well.

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